This festival is organized with social justice and health justice principles in mind. We strive to make the space safe,  comfortable, and accessible for everyone who is interested in learning about herbalism. We request that all teachers and participants treat each other with respect regardless of gender, class, race/culture, religion, immigration status, political views, age, mental ability, and appearance. 

Raymond Two Hawks Watson, MCP- CEO, Founder Providence Cultural Equity Initiative. 

Raymond Two Hawks Watson is an Artivist, Community Activist, Educator, Cultural Practitioner and Convener with 15 years of experience in nonprofit executive administration.  Watson’s skills consist of program development & implementation, grant writing, motivational speaking, leadership & cultural equity consulting, community organizing and event planning, supplemented by an extensive background in promoting and supporting cultural equity initiatives and programming in the Rhode Island community.  Watson holds a Bachelors Degree in Political Science from Union College in NY, a Masters Degree in Community Planning from the University of Rhode Island, and is a current Juris Doctorate Candidate at the Roger Williams University School of Law. Watson is also the recipient of the Rhode Island Foundation’s 2016 Innovation Fellowship.

Suzanna Stone, Owl Craft Healing Ways-she/hers, VA

Suzanna resides in Scottsville, VA. She founded and directs Owlcraft Healing Ways, an outdoor herb school, where she offers clinical herbal consultations and leads in-depth community and clinical apprenticeships, herb camps for kids, and workshops in herbal medicine, traditional food-ways, and plant spirit medicine. She was raised in a home where plant medicine and whole foods were the foundations of health and has spent the last 19 years broadening that foundation and deepening her knowledge of the herbal arts. She teaches at herb schools and conferences throughout the country and is co-founder and co-director of The Gaia Gathering For Women in Charlottesville, VA. She stewards fourteen acres of plant-filled land to provide sanctuary, healing, and accessible education for all who hear the call of the plants.


Angel Putney- Noé & Jody Noé, Natural Family Health, and Integrative Medicine & Reclaiming our Roots, CT

Dr. Jody E. Noé she/hers  has a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Noé served as adjunct faculty to the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine, Quinnipiac University, Connecticut College of Naturopathic Physicians, Bastyr University, the New England Women’s Herbal Conference, Northwest Institute of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NIAOM) and several community colleges and private organizations.

Angel Putney Noé she/hers, 
(Jody’s better half) is an experienced nurse herbalist, with a passion for medicine making! She runs the herbal apothecary, Reclaiming our Roots in CT. Angel is a registered nurse, herbalist & teacher. She is the Natural Family Health & Integrative Medicine office manager, medicine maker & community health educator. She offers CranioSacral Therapy & Reiki. Angel attended the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine. She has dedicated her nursing career to working with underserved populations locally & internationally. ​She founded Reclaiming our Roots Community Herbalism. 

Dinalyn Spears-she/hers, RI

Director of Community Planning/Natural Resources at Narragansett Indian Tribe and Owner of East Winds Native Arts & Crafts. Dinalyn is also a Master Gardener, Herbalist, Artist, Educator and Grant Writer. 

Alicia Cook – Konwahonwihsen –she/hers, NY

Alicia is a member of theKonwahonwihsen Wolf Clan of the Kanienkehaka Nation, Mohawk LPN, Master of Traditional Medicine with the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe in Upstate New York, Board Member with United Plant Savers. Teacher of traditional craft, herbs and botanicals. Alicia Cook continues work with the St Regis Mohawk Tribe, a division of Akwesasne Cultural Restoration Program (ACRP) also known as Ase Tsi Tewaton, (To make new again) as Master in Traditional Medicines for 4 year term and moved forward with the continuation of teaching the community until Covid hit. Alicia also worked with the Traditional Medicines Program at Kononkwatseriio a Health Care Facility located in the northern part of Akwesasne.  She graduated from North Country Community College as an Licensed Practical Nurse. Along the way, she has had the cream of the crop of valuable knowledge from respected elders from her community and works towards transferance of knowledge to the younger generation. “We must intertwine and carry forward the knowledge of our traditional wisdom keepers”.  See Alicias full bio and website here

Mary Blue, Farmacy Herbs & Herbal Foundations Online-she/hers, RI 

Mary Blue is a community herbalist in Providence, RI and has run Farmacy Herbs store, farm and education center for the last 15 years.  Mary developed the Herbal Foundations Certificate Program and the Farmacy Internship Programs. Mary’s healing philosophy and business model revolves around community, activism, education, and social justice. Mary is a guest teacher at Brown University,  Mass College of Pharmacy, University of Rhode Island, RISD and more.

Andraly Horn, Bodyworker, Farmer, and Herbalist- he/him, RI

Andraly Horn is a herb farmer and bodyworker. His healing skills involve biodynamic craniosacral therapy balancing the physical and emotions of his clients.   His bodywork and herbal gardens create immense spaces for healing.

Andraly will be teaching on Saturday morning, sharing his experiences and wisdom from his herbal gardens. 

Karen Talbot, The Wild Gardener –she/hers, RI

Karen Talbot is a Master Gardener, a former chef, a past director of a fine arts gallery and an education assistant for the Apeiron Institute of Sustainability teaching environmental programs in the Providence and Pawtucket school systems. She is a member of United Plant Savers, RI Wild Plant Society, Ocean State Herbal Association, and Providence Permaculture.

Tarshire Battle, Roots 2 Empower-she/hers, RI

Tarshire Battle’s is living proof that life experiences can shape a person and their community. She has boldly used her lived experience to pursue not one, but two master’s degrees, an MPA from Northeastern University and a Masters in Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine from Boston University
School of Medicine. She is a community organizer, mental health professional, artist, and (now) political
candidate.  She currently works as a Mental Health Discharge Planner at RI’s Department of Corrections. All the while, managing the social enterprise venture she founded. Roots 2 Empower, agriculture, and small business training program for formerly incarcerated men in Pawtucket. It is just one of the ways Tarshire helps transform the lives of those affected by crime and the judicial system.  Year after year, she has immersed herself in the community by sharing her art at the annual Pawtucket Arts Festival. Recently, she was excited to receive a grant from the Grassroots Environmental Fund to purchase grocery store cards. Tarshire’s plan is to address food insecurity in Pawtucket, Central Falls and Providence, in partnership with the George Wiley Center and Foods Not Bombs Providence. She was also granted a RI Foundation Community Grant to provide educational workshops for families and youth in sustainable agricultural practices in Pawtucket. Tarshire completed a Master Gardener program at URI and currently oversees the Taft Street Community Garden. A giving garden composed of volunteer residents and Master Gardeners that provides free food to Pawtucket residents. She has graduated from Farmacy’s Level 1 & 2 programs. 

Ashley Murphy, Health Witch | H.W. Apothecary, RI

Dr. Ashley Murphy is the head witch, writer, certified Health Education Specialist, and Folk & Community Herbalist of H.W. Apothecary with over ten years’ experience. Her work has been featured in the International Witches Magazine and she is the host of the Health Witch podcast that features herbalism, tarot and witchcraft for health.


Martine Delonnay
DELONNAY HOLISTICS is an organization that focuses on human development at various levels. Our primary mission is to empower our patients to transform their whole life into a “statement of good Health” with the choices they consciously make. In the domain of healthcare, we value the advancement of science and we honor the healing power of Nature. At DELONNAY HOLISTICS, General Naturopathic Consult is primarily offered. On your first visit, Dr Delonnay take the time to discuss thoroughly about your emotional, mental and physical health. Based on your case requirements and in accordance with your comfort, an individualized recommendation plan will be suggested using Nutrition, lifestyle changes approaches, homeopathy, hydrotherapy and others . Specialty tests with companies like Dr’s Data and Genova diagnosis are available. Dr Delonnay is well appreciated for her solid knowledge of the medical science and her abilities to understand everyone in their own life context. We believe that physical and mental ailments are the results of emotional injuries or suppressed emotions (mostly from childhood) in our soul. Revisiting these injuries and allowing them to be expressed (to circulate) will release them and heal the soul. It is greatly beneficial to ask for Divine Love during that process. As the Energy in the soul changes to Love, the physical body heals. Ideally, the use of Medicine is complementary not primordial in the transition to good health. Divine Love alone is able to heal and cure these injuries at a much faster pace and more effectively by replacing the injuries energy with God’s Love’s energy. God’s Love transforms lives in a multitude of aspects: Health, happiness, satisfaction, abundance… to name only these.


Jessyloo Rodrigues, Parcel Apothecary-she/hers, RI

Jessyloo has studied Herbal Medicine since 2002 & farmed professionally since 2004 in lush mountain valleys, riparian forests, the southwestern desert, tropical permaculture, beachfront meadow, and concrete jungle. She enjoys connecting folks through spirit, in its many forms.

Sequoria “Coco” Dickerson, Farmacy Herbalist, Director of Prophetic Resistance-she/hers , MA

Sequoria Dickerson has been to over 30 countries studying, working, and praying with her feet. She is the Interim Director of Prophetic Resistance Boston, a nondenominational, nonpartisan, faith-based nonprofit that uses the development of leadership skills to empower citizens to organize their communities and find solutions to the problems they face. She believes sustainable movement building is contingent upon healthy social justice workers. For that reason, she is deeply committed to integrating plant-based cooking classes, herbalism, somatics, and self-care retreats into her work. Her favorite work of all is making yummy food with her sous-chef, Tres, who just so happens to be her 2-year-old son.


Bonnie Kavanagh, RN-she/hers, RI

Bonnie Kavanagh is a second-generation nurse and herbalist. Bonnie has been in the medical field for over 40 years and enjoys teaching others how plants can have a positive impact on all facets of one’s life. 

Emily Scmmidt (he/him) and Ryan Bouchard (she/hers), RI

Together, Ryan Bouchard and Emily Schmidt created the Mushroom Hunting Foundation, to educate people about safely hunting for wild mushrooms.  It is a nonprofit organization that aims to make mushroom hunting better understood and well-known as part of our culture

Iesha Martinez- Herbalist, (she/ her)

Iesha-(iy-Y-SHaa)Boston based Herbalist and personal trainer at Equinox. Mother of two boys, one teenager and a toddler. Owner and founder of Optimum Wellness, a small holistic business focused providing health education through herbal products like sea moss, yoni steams and herbal teas. Iesha is a natural food advocate, and advocates for individual healing for clients and her community. Through personal experience in the healthcare system and a serious medical scare, Iesha prioritized natural healing and lifestyle changes and now shares that with her community.  

Mira Silverman, RN- she/hers, RI

Mira Silverman  ( she/hers )is a nurse-herbalist building her nest in Rhode Island. She has been in this lifetime a child in Brooklyn, an anthropologist in the Hudson Valley, an artisan in Mexico, and a plant-loving earth-wanderer. Mira received her formal training in herbal medicine at the California School of Herbal Studies before returning to school to become a registered nurse. She has a deep passion for accessible, integrative healthcare and she believes in the power of plants to help us reclaim the vitality and resilience of our bodies, our environment, and our communities.


Quatia “Q” OsorioCCHW, CLC, CPE-she/hers, RI

Doula, Mama Blue Diaper Service, Our Journ3i,  & Quaintly FarmQ is a Bryant University graduate, certified (perinatal) community health worker, certified lactation counselor, certified community birth and postpartum doula, certified perinatal educator and attending classes to become a Midwife. Q is an active community advocate with Our Journ3i, for infant and maternal health disparities and equity. Q spends her time with her husband and five children. She owns a small “Quaintly” Farm in her community to help support local urban community farm stands. 

Sakinah Abdur- Rasheed, WEHEAL, Sakinahs Herbs-she/hers, RI

Sakinah is a lifelong herbalist. Her 2 sons are now full-grown and were raised as “herbal kids”.  She has been teaching herbalism and working as a practicing herbalist since the 1970s. She is also a dedicated community activist and works to stand up for women and the environment. She runs Sakinah’s Herbs and WEHEAL. She is trained in Sufi healing and utilizes spiritual healing and local herbs in her practice.

Mimi Budnick, Wellspring Apothecary-she/hers, RI

Mimi Budnick is a queer yoga teacher and community herbalist based in Providence, RI that draws from many years as a Community Organizer and Adult Educator to ground her offerings in an anti-oppression framework. Mimi is certified as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant through the American Institute of Vedic studies and has gleaned her knowledge about plant-based medicine through years of self-study and exploration, and more recently with 7Song at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine, Mary Blue, and Maria Noel Groves of Wintergreen Botanicals. Mimi offers remedies, classes, workshops, and retreats that explicitly support people to tap into their own wisdom and resiliency, and that help promote collective and community healing.  More information about her offerings can be found at mimibudnick.com

Indira Miller Spears, she/ her- RI

Indira is an indigenous Belizean herbalist. She comes from a long line of herbal healers. She lives in Providence with her husband Robin, and her large extended family. Indira started interning at Farmacy Herbs in 2017, and is now a staff member, and has completed Herbal Foundations. 

Robin Spears, he/him- RI

Robin Spears is a Narragansett tribal member.
He has been working with and studying herbs since he was a child. He lives in Providence, RI with his wife, Indira Miller Spears. He studied at CCRI, and is a graduate of the Met High School. 


Dr. John McGonigle, MD-he/him, RI/MA

Dr. McGonigle is a Family Medicine doctor who uses both conventional and holistic strategies for treating illness and enhancing well-being.

The basis of health is five-fold: Finding and nourishing the sense of meaning and purpose in life; the cultivation of healthy, loving relationships; good sleep and an accessible dream life; physical activity and joy; a dynamic and balanced diet. Dr. McGonigle is the founder of Sage Healing Collaborative in East Providence, RI, an integrative medicine clinic with multiple modalities represented.

Peter Glantz, Howls Tincture, he/him, RI

Peter Glantz is the founder of Howl’s Tincture, the most popular cannabis tincture in New England since 2012. He began making cannabis tincture for himself to relieve symptoms of chronic pain and anxiety after a failed eye surgery. He then joined a patient coop in Rhode Island where he started providing it to other patients. After hearing the stories of the patients who began to rely on it for their health and well being, he founded Howl’s with the mission to make this valuable plant medicine available to everyone who can benefit from it. Peter lives in Providence with his wife, artist Meredith Stern, and their son Fox. 

Carissa Wills-Demello, Town Farm Tonics-she/hers, MA

Carissa founded and runs Town Farm Tonics in Westport, MA. She currently practices as a clinical herbalist at the Sage Healing Collaborative with Dr. John McGonigle.  She has completed 4 years of study at Farmacy Herbs. Carissa founded Bilo Herbs with a mission to feed the mind, body, & soul with herbal medicine. 


James Shelton, Ancora Acupuncture,- he/him, RI 
James is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in the state of Rhode Island. He is a member of POCA, the Peoples Organization for Community Acupuncture and a proud graduate of POCA Tech, Portland, Oregon.  James is a Diplomate of Acupuncture with the NCCAOM, formerly the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.
While at POCA Tech, James co-created a series of images portraying the philosophical and practical forerunners called the Ancestors of Liberation Acupuncture. https://www.pocacoop.com/publications/use/liberation-acupuncture-ancestor-postcards

Edmund Burr, Bay Road Botanical-he/him, MA

Poet, Artist, Herbalist, and sometimes Landscaper, Ed has no money or formal education but has an extensive understanding of the natural world.  Forty-nine plus years of wandering in the woods and rolling in the grass have given Ed the opportunity to witness the network of life as it vibrates from season to season.

Ed can be found teaching at Moose Hill Audubon Sanctuary and owns and operates Bay Road Botanical, a six-acre farm and sanctuary focusing on endangered and at-risk medicinal plants, fungi, and the lich(en).  www.bayroadbotanical.com

Jennifer Phillips of Jenza’s Garden -she/hers, RI

Jennifer has an Herbal Teaching Garden in NW RI.  For several years she has held herbal classes there and others in Southern New England locations.  In her herbal garden, she grows both Medicinal and Magical Herbs. Living a seasonal life in the Autumn she gives workshops helping people craft their own brooms. Jennifer, a previous self-described Failed Meditator discovered the Labyrinth at her first New England Women’s Herbal Conference.  There she found the benefits of a Walking Meditation. Now she is a Veriditas Trained Labyrinth Facilitator. www.jenzasgarden.com


Tony Lemos, Blazing Star Herb School-she/hers, MA

Tony(a) Lemos is currently the Director and principal teacher for the Blazing Star Herbal School. Since 2000, she has been offering a year-long apprenticeship in both Beginner/IntermediateHerbal Studies as well as a more advanced year-long program in Therapeutic Herbalism. Blazing Star also offers popular classes in ceremonial plant work, plant immersions and related topics. In addition, Tony(a) is a well-known lecturer on plant medicine and current herbal medicine topics, a published writer, community herbalist, ecological activist, and beloved mentor. She has studied with some of the most influential herbal practitioners of our times and, in turn, has trained many gifted and entrepreneurial practitioners. Website:https://blazingstarherbalschool.typepad.com/ Social Medias @blazingstarherbalschool

Elizabeth Leibovitz, Youngken Garden, College of Pharmacy, University of Rhode Island-she/hers, RI

Elizabeth Leibovitz is the Medicinal Garden Coordinator at the Heber W. Youngken Jr. Medicinal Garden and Adjunct Instructor at the University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy where she tends 300 different species of medicinal plants and shares her passion for the plant world. Previously she spent 10 years growing organic produce on New England vegetable farms. She also runs a small market garden, Herb & Forage.

Riley Kirk, Youngken Garden, College of Pharmacy, University of Rhode IslandRiley Kirk is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Rhode Island who specializes in studying the chemistry of natural products. She assists in teaching the Cannabis Certification course at URI. Recently Riley has also expanded her scientific communication skills regarding Cannabis chemistry and pharmacognosy through TikTok. Her social media platform has over 80,000 people seeking scientifically accurate and accessible information about this medicinal plant. She is an avid outdoors-woman and enjoys learning and observing from nature.

Stephanie MIner, Sweet Brian Farm-she/hers, NY

Stephanie Miner  is an herb farmer, herbalist, and homesteader living in the woods of upstate NY. She runs an herbal product business and apothecary CSA. Connect with her on Instagram and the web as Sweetbrier Farms


April Hart, Bespoke Apothecary, NY- she/her

April and Bill Hart built Bespoke Apothecary, and work as community herbalists in Upstate NY. It all started as a small hobby farm to help ourselves and it turned into much more. We started with free range chickens, honey bees, and a few organic crops. Then shortly after, in late 2010, a cancer diagnosis changed our lives and perspectives. Choosing a natural and holistic approach to dealing with a disease, we began to change our lifestyles completely. We began to become very mindful of the world around us and how that world affects us, both physically and mentally. We studied and learned transcendental meditation, reiki, cell-level healing, permaculture design through Cornell University, Herbalism, and more. The farm’s focus became more holistic which pushed it in their direction of permaculture and sustainability. Our focus became more holistic as well. We stopped using the harmful things that made us out of balance and a fertile ground for disease. We turned to the world literally right outside our door and began to learn how to use plants and plant medicine to heal and thrive. And here we are a decade later working with the plants we love on a daily basis and using them to help heal others.

Maggie Hatzpanian, she/ hers

Maggie Hatzpanian has been a plant-loving human her entire life. Being with Plants and sharing what she knows about their energy, their essences, their healing properties feeds her Soul! She gardens extensively –  food, culinary herbs, and of course medicinals! Her Herbalism practice and teachings are integrated with her background of 20+ years of Nursing practice, and Yoga Instructor Certification and being a Vegan who loves to cook for herself & others – all this combines into health and wellness practices that she lives & breathes and now recently offers to others through her work on Maggie’s Healing Path.

Tina Lidano, she/ hers

Tina has worked as a naturalist and educator for 7 years and in that time has received Wilderness First Responder and EMT training. She has been a student at Farmacy for 3 years and has completed the herbal foundations courses. She also incorporates herbal medicine as a street medic.

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