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Welcome fun with the Farmacy Crew! Land acknowledgment/ honoring with Dinalyn Spears and community members. 

This community circle (and whole event)  is organized with social justice and health justice principles in mind. We strive to make the space safe,  comfortable, and accessible for everyone who is interested in learning about herbalism. We honor the history of the land and the many cultures that come together at this event. We acknowledge systemic oppression, and work to create a space rooted in justice, respect and acknowledgement. We request that all teachers and participants treat each other with respect regardless of gender, class, race/culture, religion, immigration status, political views, age, mental ability, and appearance. 



Join local herbalists, community activists, scholars and entrepreneurs as they answer the question…

Voices on the panel:

✨Quatia Osario-Urban Perinatal Education Center
✨Peter Glantz- Howls’ Medicine
✨Dinalyn Spears, Director of Community Planning Narragansett Indian Tribe/ Herbalist
✨Raymond Two Hawks Watson- Providence Cultural Initiative
 ✨Victoria Rodriguez –Facilitate Change
 ✨Mary Blue- Farmacy Herbs



🌿Session 1🌿

Classroom 1
Elizabeth Leibovitz, she/ her, Adjunct Instructor at the University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy
NATURAL SOURCES OF PHARMACEUTICALS-Explore the natural pharmacopeia of drugs with biological origins in plants, fungi, and soil microorganisms. Discussion of biophilia, our inherent love of nature, and how it impacts health outcomes.

Classroom 2
Join a few of the panelists from Facilitate Change in a community conversation around the question “What is Medicine?”. This is a chance to dive more deeply into the panel discussion that will happen prior to this workshop. Share your personal insights and or ask questions of facilitators and fellow community members around this topic. Didn’t get to catch the panel, no worries, this is your opportunity to join in on the dialogue.

Classroom 3
Jennifer Phillips,she/ her, Jenza’s Garden
FLOWER ESSENCES 101:  Join Jenn to discover the magical world of flower essences! Flower Essences are commonly used to support emotions and balance health! Jen will explore what are Flower Essences are and how to use them effectively. 

Classroom 4
Mary Blue and Carissa Wills-Demello –Farmacy Herbs /Town Farm Tonics
Are you ready to grow your herbal business and make a living doing what you love? Learning the ropes of herbalism AND marketing your product or service for sale can be challenging! Mary and Carissa will talk about how to turn your herbal business into a sustainable career path. They will cover social media strategies, in person community building, running a product company and strategies for the herbal entrepreneur. 

Classroom 5
Emily Shapiro, Osemequin Farm, Night Garden
FOOD AS MEDICINE-Active medicinal constituents- saponins, vitamins, minerals and alkaloids are not confined to the plants we categorize as herbs. In fact, until recently, there was no categorical distinction between plants as vegetables, fruits, herbs or even weeds. Fruits, vegetables and culinary herbs can be just as therapeutic and medicinal as our tried and true medicinal herbs. In this workshop, we will learn about expanding our spice racks to include culinary herbs not just for their flavor, but for their nutritional and medicinal benefits. Through discussion and hands on activities, students will learn how to infuse their daily. meals with nutrient rich herbs chosen in order to complement healthy living and support their body systems. 



🌿Session 2🌿

Classroom 1
Ed Burr, he/him, Bay Road Botanicals
PLANT COMMUNICATION- Learn how plants communicate with each other, their environment and you.

Classroom 2
Kacee Montgomery, Blanca Zevallos, & Kayla Lopes, The Seshh LLC
HIGH ESSENCE- Join Cannabis Educators and Cannabis Sommeliers for a Cannabis 101. Learn about plant anatomy, methods of consumption and effects, as well as safety tips of marijuana.  Visit to learn more about Holistic Collective, The Seshh LLC.

Classroom 3 
Molly Henry, she/ her, Director of Climate and Health at American Forests
THE ROLE OF HERBS IN CREATING BALANCED ECOSYSTEMS-The benefits of herbs expand beyond human communities. Explore how we can apply permaculture principles to optimize growing herbs to attract species such as birds and beneficial insects and soil microbes to encourage a more diverse and balanced ecosystem and yield more from our garden or farm.

Classroom 4
Mira Silverman,
she/ her, RN, Cannabis and Myrrh
How preventive health, regenerative agriculture, cellular rejuvenation, and self-healing are acts of radical resistance. 

Classroom 5
Andrally Horn, he/him,  Open Farms Retreat
CULTIVATING EDIBLE & MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS AT HOME- Learn how to grow your own fungi at home! Join Andrally for an informative tutorial on how to grow mushrooms in the home and garden. Andrally will walk you through the incredibly easy steps to producing mushrooms year round, indoors and out. You will learn how to grow mushrooms on commonly available materials like straw, wood chips, and hardwood logs.



Lunch Break
Lunch food vendor- Renee Shining Star or bring your own lunch

 FOR PURCHASE-  🍲Veggie chili with corn bread. 🍗Crispy chicken tenders w/fries. 🥪Crispy chicken sandwich w/ fries. 🍔100% Angus beef burger w/ fries. 🌭100% Hebrew beef hot dogs with fries. 🥗Sides: Fries, Green Salad, Macaroni Salad



Coco Sequoria Dickerson, Route to Roots Wellness
Join Coco as she shares her journey of how plants led her to tracing her ancestral roots to the African tribes of her ancestors, and how her organization is helping others do the same.




🌿Session 3🌿

Classroom 1
Lesley Wooler, she/ her, The Herb Wyfe
AROMA CHEMISTRY- This class will be a basic introduction into essential oil constituents and their therapeutic properties. A variety of oils will be chosen for their scent profiles to showcase their amount of terpenes, alcohols, esters, aldehydes and ketone. This will be a scentsory experience.

Classroom 2
Lynn Golan she/ her, The Peoples Gold
THE ART OF HERBAL CONSULTATIONS- This class will go over the what, why, and how of conducting a comprehensive herbal consultation. Learn how to formulate effective blends for your community. 

Classroom 3
Jade Alicandro she/ her,
Milk and Honey Herbs
FALL CORDIALS: How Sweet It Is. Learn how to make your own delicious and medicinal cordials, also known as elixirs, with abundant fall fruits, roots, and herbs. We’ll cover formulation, dosage, and crafting your own cordial with herbs and ingredients you have on hand. Recipes will be provided!

Classroom 4
Kei Cobb
HERBAL & NUTRITIONAL PROTOCOLS FOR DETOXIFICATION: A comprehensive look at the causes of toxicity, symptoms, and plant-based modalities for the cleansing of the colon and lymphatic system. useful for ongoing self-care and supporting others.

Classroom 5
Dinalyn Spears, she/ her, Narragansett Tribe
TO SMUDGE OR NOT TO SMUDGE- Discuss the ethics around around the use, exploitation, over harvesting of white sage by non-indigenous people in the health and wellness industry.



🌿Session 4🌿

Classroom 1
Jenny Lee, Common Root Botanicals
 Learn the basics of vegetable fermentation with traditional methods and create vibrant new flavors to bolster gut health and general well-being! We will make a basic cabbage sauerkraut and sample a variety of fermented vegetables. Create culture in your Kitchen!

Classroom 2
Justine Ring,
she/ her, Healers Harvest
PLANT & HUMAN ENERGETICS- We will learn to develop herbal protocols through the lens of energetics. To understand energetics in plants we will study the qualities of temperature, moisture and tone as well as the five flavors. 

Classroom 3
Alex Klein,
he/him, Herbalist
Alex’s plant walk will connect you to nature in tangible and intimate way, whether it be through herbal medicine, wild food, botany and ecology, or getting to know your local tree species. 

Classroom 5
Tammy Kim, she/ her, Body Plant Sky
TAKING CARE OF YOUR TEETH WITH HERBS-  Learn how to use herbs to support a healthy mouth! Herbs can reduce inflammation, promote healthy tissue growth, fight bacteria and more! Join Herbalist Tammy Kim for a in depth exploration of the mouth. 



🌿Session 5🌿

Classroom 1
Nico Lebreux,
they /them, Cosmic Earth Collective
Your Nervous System is the way in which you experience your life and the world around you; the colors you see, the sensations you feel, the way you respond + react⁠ to whatever comes your way.⁠ In this interactive class you will learn how to strengthen, support, and restore your nervous system through herbalism, simple breathing techniques, and meditation practices. We will explore plant allies that have an affinity to bringing peace and relaxation to all parts of your being. When you leave this class you will have the tools needed to care for this important and delicate part of your physical, emotional, + energetic body.

Classroom 2
Emily Sorlien
, she/ her, Queen of Bones Tarot, Farmacy Herbs
EMBODIED ASTRO-HERBALISM- A Moon + Venus Case Study;  How can the Natal Chart inform and influence our herbal practice? How can plants help to strengthen or remediate challenging astrology? Emily will walk us through her criteria around selecting herbs to work with using an example Natal Chart and will provide students with some simple, practical ways for engaging with plants as a way to build an embodied experience of planetary energetics.

Classroom 3
Sakinah Abdul Rasheed, she/ her, WEHEAL
INCORPORATING HERBS INTO YOUR DAILY LIFE– Herbs work… if you use them!! Join Sakinah in exploring how to easily incorporate medicinal herbs into your life on a daily basis! Sakina has over 30 years of experience as a practicing family herbalist.

Classroom 4
 Angel Putney Noé, she/ her, NP, Reclaiming our Roots
INCORPORATING NATURAL REMEDIES WITH COMMON PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS– Integrative allopathic medicine and natural healing is an essential part of a well rounded health care plan. Join Angel as she discuses ways to incorporate natural remedies into your lifestyle while taking prescription drugs. 



🌿Closing Circle🌿